Why We Don't Do Black Friday or Cyber Monday
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Black Friday and Cyber Monday promote hyperconsumerism and pressure consumers into making snap purchases in the hope of getting discounts. It's not conscious, it encourages unnecessary spending, and it promotes shopping impulsively. As our values are rooted in consciousness and sustainability, we challenge days such as Black Friday. These consumer holidays tap into your feelings of missing out, to stimulate you to buy blindly and indiscriminately in the hopes of finding something that works for you.

We are open on Black Friday and Cyber Monday but no tickers will remind you of a looming deadline to check out your basket. You can comfortably explore thoughtfully-made independent products and brands on Yuty and use the Yuty Advisor to discover the right products for you.

We believe in supporting conscious indie brands that are good, all year round. Our vision is personalised beauty for all, making sure that everyone is seen and heard, without ever wasting a drop.


On Yuty, you will find: 


Unique products with incredible ingredients. Hyperconsumerism leads to changes in packaging or overpackaging, even if the contents within the products have remained the same. During consumer holidays, brands might repackage products for festive reasons but offer no additional value in the actual formulations. This generates unnecessary waste.  


Products to be used till the last drop. To make a profit, companies will use a technique called planned obsolescence. It's a well-known process of intentionally manufacturing parts in computers or mobile phones with an artificial end date to promote repurchase— when the parts could have easily been designed to last longer. In the beauty and cosmetic industry, obsolescence is often aesthetic or psychological. When one feels that one is falling behind the times, it can incite impulse purchases. On Yuty, if a product has an expiry date, it's only because it contains real, biodegradable ingredients that only remain fresh for a limited period. You won't be tricked into buying a replacement without a valid reason.


Handcrafted, seasonal or fresh inventory. When companies prepare for holidays, they prepare large amounts of additional inventory. Crazy discounting leads to excess inventory. Then, when those products expire, they go straight to landfill. Our independent brands on Yuty share your views on sustainability and transparency. That's why you will find instead, a variety of handcrafted goods or products created seasonally, with fresh inventory. Unlike the hundreds of products you will find lining department store shelves during consumer holidays, each one on Yuty was made for a specific purpose. 

Sustainable products. We and our brand partners work hard to minimise our impact on the earth. On Yuty, you will find products made with sustainable ethics. Our tags allow you to explore all your needs and preferences, including organic, vegan, cruelty-free, palm oil-free, GMO-free and preservative-free. Therefore, we do not take part in a day focused on overconsumption of things, which triggers consumers to buy things they do not need. Sustainability generally concerns how ingredients are sourced, how products are made, how they are transported, how they are packaged, and where they go after use. Less oft-noted is— sustainability also concerns how things are marketed and sold. Generating artificial demand is not a sustainable practice for our earth.


No dark web design patterns. 'Dark patterns' is a term within the realm of digital design for deceitful e-commerce techniques that take advantage of human psychological inclinations to persuade people to spend money. Yuty is a marketplace, and we are proudly so. However, we do not engage in sneaky schemes to manipulate you as a consumer, such as inciting guilt, generating excess FOMO, or falsifying scarcity to push you towards letting go of your cash. 


If you are celebrating American Thanksgiving, we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving. Spend your holiday on what truly matters: your family, your friends and loved ones. When you are thankful for what you have, you'll end up having more. 


Where you and beauty meet. Yuty takes into consideration your genetics, lifestyle, environment and preferences when providing you with personalised recommendations. Take the YUTY Advisor™ today to find your perfect match.




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