Meet The Founder, Bathe Brand
Image Credit Tiffany Brown

Describe the moment that birthed the idea for Bathe Brand

The idea for Bathe Brand was birthed out of a personal need for comfort and healing. I had no intentions of starting a business or being in the skincare industry. I was simply looking to remedy the emotional and physical pain I was experiencing. The healing, growth, and personal homecoming I experienced inspired Bathe Brand. For me, building a brand around the luxury of nature and its offerings is a direct act of love and gratitude for people and the planet.

What was the vision for the brand?

The vision for Bathe Brand was to create and curate a fluid healing experience that others could facilitate in their own sacred spaces. The results of my journey left me feeling inspired and empowered. I knew that other people would resonate with a ritual that centered on both inner and outer beauty.

What’s a defining piece of feedback you’ve had about the brand that validated what you’re doing?

The defining piece of feedback that I get from nearly every person in our community is that Bathe Brand products are transforming their skin and their relationships with themselves. The rituals are serving as an invitation for them to relate to themselves with gentleness, kindness, and patience. They are literally bathing in their riches which means the brand is living up to my vision and its tagline lol.

What’s the best thing about where you live?

Much like the rest of the world, New York City is forever changed by the pandemic, but its spirit is still high. Pre Covid, I would have said that the food, art, and the social scene makes living in NYC magical. Now, I understand that it is the promising and unmistakable energy that makes New York magical. People flock to New York for the pulsing potential of what is possible even when it seems impossible.

How has your upbringing influenced who you are today?

My upbringing was religious and having so many "rules'' made me really curious. I've become the person who always asks "why" and "how" and it's pushed me to really investigate imposed standards and limitations so that I can break them. I am actively creating my reality and that has involved a lot of learning and unlearning.

What’s been the most valuable skincare advice you’ve received?

"The goal should always be healthy skin, not perfect skin."

Image Credit BATHE BRAND | Clary Sage + Citrus Anointing Oil

Describe your skincare regime and the one product you can’t live without

My skincare regime is super simple. I have a two-step facial and body care routine that I perform daily.

My facial care consists of a green tea and aloe cleanser and moisturizer from Dr. Chesanah Kindred of Kindred Hair Skin Center. Dr. Kindred is a trusted and award-winning dermatologist who really understands the skincare needs of people of color.

My body care routine includes a pre-soak massage with Bathe Brand's Anointing OIl followed by a morning soak. Morning baths set the tone for my day and ensure that I put myself first. After the soak, I'm normally still moisturized from the massage and follow up with additional oil on any dry spots.

I must confess that there are two products I absolutely cannot live without. My SPF facial moisturizer and my Anointing Oil!

How does good skin make you feel?

Good skin makes me feel whole. My skin/body care is inextricably connected to my emotional and spiritual health. When my skin feels good and glowy, I am reminded of the work and intention I put in to be healthy and whole from the inside out.

What has your role at Bathe Brand taught you about yourself?

That I'm not actually good at multitasking. I am most productive when I can be still and focus on one thing at a time and I'm not ashamed of that. I appreciate the efficacy and knowledge held in every step of every process. I've come to accept that I naturally move slower and seem to bloom a little later than many of my peers. I love it. It's what makes my offerings so authentic.

Who inspires you most in either life, beauty, fashion or music?

I am constantly inspired by the strength and resilience of Black Women across industries and from various walks of life. Our ability to face heaviness and hardships and maintain softness is miraculous.

I am particularly inspired by the matriarchs of my family. This includes my great-great-grandmother, Mildred, my grandmother, Shirl, my mother, Sonia, and my aunts, Donna and Michelle. These women have given me such generous gifts throughout my life. I feel blessed to be able to experience their richness, wisdom, and joy. I am reminded of my power and feel wrapped in love every time I speak their names.

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