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4 Tips To Help Care for Your Scalp During Your Ramadan Fast
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To ensure that you stay calm and collected during your Ramadan fast no matter what challenges arise, prepare everything that you might need for healthy hair and skin in advance. During a fast, some people notice increased hair shedding, dry scalp, and headaches. When fasting during Ramadan, one gains many things—a greater connection with Allah, a deeper understanding of oneself and one's faith, patience, compassion, strength, and self-control. Set up for a stress-free month by naturally caring for your scalp and hair during the Holy Month.


Dealing with Headaches

Headaches during Ramadan fasts are common, caused by the change to characteristics of your body, diet and habits—headaches can stem from lower blood sugar, dehydration, caffeine withdrawal, and their combined effects. Stress at the workplace and daily undertakings weigh more heavily on the mind and body when one cannot eat or drink water. This test of one's resilience is the essence of Ramadan. However, headaches, hunger, and thirst related irritations can quickly spiral into shoulder tensions, teeth grinding, and other tensions that cause fatigue and low productivity.

During the times of the day when you would typically enjoy a lunch, set time aside for rest, and incorporate a personal therapeutic massage for relaxation and stress relief. 

Kokoa Eco Beauty

White Opal Facial Roller

£32.00 | Material: White Opal

Using this roller increases collagen production and skin elasticity; this is very beneficial as your facial muscles can store a lot of tension, which can result in fine lines. Rollers encourage lymphatic drainage, which boosts the skin's natural detoxification process. The gentle pressure helps to stimulate circulation and leave the facial muscles more relaxed.


Dehiya Beauty

Rainbow Fluorite Gua Sha

£35.00 | Material: Rainbow Fluorite

Kick your bodies’ natural cleansing system into gear with a simple Gua Sha massage tool that can help you scrape away tension in the muscles of your neck, face, and scalp.


Stimulate the Scalp

In the evenings, after breaking your fast and before resting for the night, incorporate a scalp massage for more restful sleep and deliver vital nutrients to the hair follicles. This step not only creates an opportunity for relaxation and reflection but also restores hydration to the hair roots, which, like the skin, are also adjusting to the reduced water intake of the day.


Scalp Serum

£9.00 | 125 ml / 4.00 Fl oz

Affordable, hydrating, and refreshing, formulated with tea tree oil, rosemary oil, and aloe leaf juice. No more irritation or itchiness. Rosemary oil promotes blood circulation on the scalp. This oil leaves your scalp hydrated and soothed.


Yang Face

2-in-1 Gua Sha Jade Comb

£33.00 | Material: Jade

This is an all-in-one facial tool that may be used to sculpt the neck and jawline, perform gua sha on the face, and provide a nice scalp massage. Massage away tensions in the jaw and soothe headaches.

Use Natural, Sulphate-Free Shampoos and Conditioners

Sulphates in hair products like Sodium Laureth Sulphate are detergents that reduce the surface tension between substances to help lift off dirt, oil and other impurities from the body. The problem is, these products cause irritation when they strip away necessary and natural scalp oils and skin barrier oils. Over time, this may cause hair thinning and scalp dryness. 

During Ramadan fasting, when your body is already vulnerable to dehydration, you need to ensure that your body's natural oils aren't being rinsed away too aggressively. Avoid sulphates and detergents and use more traditional soap-based hair cleansers that wash you but do not remove your natural sebum, or skin barrier. 

When washing, focus on massaging the scalp to remove sweat build-up, rather than leaning on the overly stripping effects of a sulphate based shampoo.



NURTURE | Gentle Cleansing Shampoo Bar

£11.95 | 100 ml / 3.35 Fl oz

Nurture lathers gently to clean away dirt, grime and product build-up, leaving hair looking and feeling fully cleansed and softened while soothing away dry itchy scalp. The gentle ingredients won't strip away the scalp's natural oils, thus preventing excessive flaking and ensuring a more harmonious wash day experience.



Mekabu Hydrating Shampoo

£28.00 | 300 ml / 10 Fl oz

Enriched with the nourishing power of the Japanese ocean botanical Mekabu, this luxurious shampoo is low foaming, adding shine and hydration for all hair types. Apricot oil, coconut oil and Laminaria Japonica (kombu) provide the nutrients and vitamins that support healthy hair. 


LOG Cosmetics

Hair Shampoo

£17.99 | 237 ml / 8 Fl oz

This peppermint hair cleanser is a 100% natural shampoo that’s enriched with Aloe Vera, a soothing blend of organic peppermint and the sweet essence of dark chocolate. Your hair will be cleansed, revitalised and ultimately moisturised. A milky texture with heavy oil content, noticeable mint and chocolate scent.


Moisturise your tresses

Rehydrate your locks more diligently during a fast to keep them firm and shining. Naturally, consciously formulated products contain a higher percentage of active ingredients and hair-restorative proteins and vitamins. 


Rose + Aloe Vera Revitalising Mist

£27.00 | 118 ml / 4 Fl oz

Simple, balanced and light, this Aloe Vera + Rose hair mist perfume is a divine curative to enrich your hair and scalp with proteolytic enzymes, the same chemical construct as your hair's primary protein, and restorative rose, to improve your hair's natural glow and luxurious sheen. This floral deep yet calming hydrating formula, awakens hair elasticity, reinvigorates scalp cells and fortifies against hair breakage.


Shea Botanics

Potent Hair Elixir

£46.00 | 30 ml / 1 Fl oz

A blend of Shea and Argan oils will stimulate strong hair growth. With added Tea Tree and Rosemary oils well known for their cleansing and restorative effects. The lightweight formula will not leave any residue or build-up. It will improve elasticity, add softness and a luxurious shine to your locks.


From Duella

Leave-In Conditioner

£15.00 | 250 ml / 8.8 Fl oz

Moisturise and strengthen your curls using From Duella’s non-greasy leave-in Conditioner. Aloe vera, water and mango extract provide hydration whilst strengthening the hair follicles. A lightweight formula made with marshmallow root extract and behentrimonium methosulfate to provide extra slip for curly or tangle-prone hair.

Read our 5 Tips for Healthier Skin during the Holy Month of Ramadan for ways to keep your skin hydrated during Ramadan.


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