14 Beauty Products to Complete Your Diwali Look
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Look stunning during the Diwali festival while respecting your own informed and sustainable principles. From glowing hypoallergenic makeup to natural hair styling, you can create the ultimate statement with your body and stand out for both your festive and conscious look. Prepare your space for celebration with naturally made candles crafted from botanical waxes that do no harm to our planet. 


The time is near to light up your home and add a sparkle to your closet. The five-day festival of Diwali is near upon us and energetic moments of family, food and festivities await you. Whether you are looking to dazzle with your look or play it demure, wear a traditional sari or dress in gleaming fabrics with a modern cut, your outfit is not complete without a stunning makeup look. 


Glow like Gold

Diwali is a celebration of light. Use highlighters to give a burst of energy to your features, and match the glittering details on your dress. 


Aeva Beauty

Multipurpose Highlighter

£11.00 | Available in 20 shades

Find it in pink, silver, orange, grass-green, champagne, violet and sunset-gold. These rich metallic highlighters melt within the skin and give off the best inner and outer glow that can be seen a mile away. This universal loose powder highlighter can be applied on the face, eyes, and as body shimmer, wet or dry. 



Solstice | Pure Glow Balm

£21.00 | Soft Gold Highlighter Balm

Want to be golden but keep hydrated? Look no further. Crafted from a blend of organic Fair Trade Shea Butter, Safflower Oil and Vitamin E Oil to blissfully soften skin, this shimmering golden balm is infused with a mix of ethically sourced mica powders to promote a luminous complexion and effortlessly highlight face and body. Lightly apply this pure glow balm with fingertips to highlight brow bones, cheekbones and cupid’s bow, or delicately sweep over collarbones, arms and legs for a radiant glow that lasts.


Dehiya Beauty

The Halo Effect | Moon Balm

£28.00 | Highlighting Balm in Pale Gold

A dewy, soft, sun-kissed glow is easily achieved with this luminous botanical balm. Beyond that, it helps fight free radicals, sun and environmental damage, stimulate cell turnover, encourage collagen production, and soothe sensitive or reactive skin with its blend of plant-based oils.



SET+GLOW Duo Powder+Highlighter with Probiotics

£26.00 | Available in 17 shades

A powder + highlighter duo for all skin types: oily, dry, combination and sensitive. Contains probiotics to strengthen the skin's microbiome. This combo contains a fine powder on one side and a highlighter on the other. The very fine powder allows you to set the foundation and mattify certain areas. The highlighter gives your skin a pure light, without any glitter and in your matching tone, to make the skin dazzling.



Vegan Cream Highlighter

£20.00 | Cream highlighter in Rose Gold

This natural, vegan rose gold coloured cream highlighter, formulated with Coconut Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil and Vitamin E will add the perfect hint of empowering glow to your cheekbones, eyes, nose bridge, brows, or inner eyelids. The formulation based on coconut oil will allow it to be absorbed softly into the skin to keep it moisturised and soft. 

Simple Matte Foundation

To better support the glow of highlighters and highlighting creams, use mattifying foundations for the overall face. 



Vegan Matte Melanin Match Mineral Foundation

£25.00 | Available in 6 shades from light to dark skin tones

A mineral foundation that provides medium to full coverage, free from talc, Bismuth Oxychloride, parabens and gluten and perfect for combination or oily skin types.



Cucumber Water Matifying Foundation

£23.00 | Available in 17 shades

Match up the perfect foundation with the BE+RADIANCE SET+GLOW powder and highlighter duo. This water-based formula refreshes your skin and has a texture that is both lightweight yet covers well to even out the complexion. This mattifying foundation with organic cucumber water offers a fresh and natural result. Formulated without silicone, the product gives the sensation of bare skin effect and lets the skin breathe. 


ColorBlend Makeup

ColorBlend HD Foundation

£21.00 | Available in 16 shades

Silky liquid foundations that leave your skin looking flawless. The high definition foundation is lightweight but can be layered to provide medium to full coverage. Get a dewy finish with amazing luminosity. This foundation is perfect for dancing— it's water-resistant! 


Liven up the Lips

No look is complete without a bold vibrant painted lip. Explore a variety of shades, for skin undertones from cool, neutral, to warm. Match your lip colour perfectly to your skin tone and outfit. 


Marie Hunter Beauty

Lustrous Lipstick & Luxe Gloss

£22.00 - £24.00 | Available in 30 shades | Cool, warm & neutral undertones

The Marie Hunter Beauty collection of lipstick and lip glosses are created in multiple shades of pink, nude, berry, brown and red. Discover different finishes, like Suede (matte), Leather (cream) and Luxe Gloss (shiny). To keep lips healthy and moist, the lipsticks contain blended Argan, Camelina, Grapeseed, Macadamia Seed, Meadowfoam, Murumuru and Olive Oils. Mango and Shea Butter hydrate and condition lips while Squalane and Sodium Hyaluronate help keep the lips supple. The lip glosses have Lip Plumping Peptide Complex Maxi, to stimulate collagen for a voluptuous look. Marine Filling Collagen Micro-Spheres instantly plump and hydrate to give a dimensional, shimmering finish.  


Shiny and Healthy Hair

Complete the festival attire preparations with lustrous, silky, shiny, and healthy-looking hair. Prepare your hair with all-natural oils and ensure it stays healthy during heat styling. 


Dilkara Australia

Thermal Protection Spray | Adina

£22.00 | 250 ml / 8.45 oz

If you are heat-styling, ensure that your hair doesn't suffer damage. Lightly spray evenly to damp hair before blow-drying or spray on dry hair when using heat styling tools. Created with Marunga Desert Raisin (Kutjera) and Davidson Plum (Orray) which act as a defense against heat damaging factors. Contains Wattleseed (Ganabargu) to condition and restore moisture. Vegan, organic, and natural. 


LOG Cosmetics

Detangling Cleanser

£24.99 | 340 ml / 12 Fl oz

Wearing your hair down? Detangle and soften it so that the locks fall gently over your shoulder. This hydrating detangling cleanser has no lather. Its blend of natural and organic ingredients promises to cleanse and moisturise your knotted and tangled hair. It's creamy in nature, just enough to revitalise your hair and scalp with its organic fruit extracts which will leave your hair soft and manageable for days.


Wonder Curl

Curl Control Styling Lotion

£11.00 | 240 ml / 8 oz

Enhance your natural curl pattern with this vegan styling lotion that contains Aloe Vera and Pro Vitamin B5. The formula is light, giving you a softer hold for more volume. No crunch, flaking or frizz with this styling lotion, just beautiful, defined curly hairstyles. Has no silicone, parabens, or phthalates. 


Terres d'Afrique

Organic Coconut Oil

£33.00 | 180 ml / 6 Fl oz

Just pure and simple Cocos Nucifera for hair oiling. Use this 100% pure virgin coconut oil to rejuvenate your hair and scalp the old way. Mix this oil with Ayurvedic herbs or simply knead into the scalp and hear before bed to give your hair strength, shininess, thickness and softness. 


Shea Botanics

Floral Hair Elixir

£51.00 | 30 ml / 1 Fl oz

A blend of Shea and Argan oils for glowing and healthy locks. Adds softness and immediate visible shine, leaving the hair luxuriously glossy. Scent your hair with complex notes of Rose Geranium from South Africa, which is at once sweet and earthy. It is uplifting and yet balancing – a beautiful bouquet that will linger for hours.


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