11 UK-based Black Founders in Beauty You Need to Know This Black History Month
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Here are 11 UK-based Black founders in Beauty meeting real needs with their brands. These Founders were creating products to serve not only the Black community but all communities authentically. Beyond representing the Black community, they also create conscious products and approach beauty with a sustainable lens. Discover the 11 UK based black beauty founders to know today and beyond Black History Month. 



Adesha Beauty

Sharon Ade founded Adesha Beauty to solve the problem of transparency in beauty. As a lover of natural haircare and skincare, she was continually frustrated by packaging that claimed products contained natural ingredients, only to discover that naturals made up just 5% of the total recipe. She began to experiment with authentic Shea Butter and produced her first product, Universal Hair & Body Butter. Adesha Beauty's handcrafted line contains vegan, organic and cruelty-free soaps, scrubs, balms and creams that bring together the best of West African and Western culture. They're great for helping tackle psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, hyperpigmentation and other skin conditions. 

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Anita Lusuardi grew up in Italy and didn't see hair that resembled her own textured locks around her. She founded Afroani in the UK in 2020 to provide products to other women searching for clean haircare that supported natural hairstyles. Afroani's products help people with textured hair value and feel confident in their natural hair. The products are vegan-friendly and formulated without the use of sulphates, parabens, silicons and artificial colourants.

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Colorblend Makeup

London-born Kesha Williams had a vision for inclusive and high-performance beauty. Her brand, Colorblend Makeup, provides accessible and available makeup options for women of colour. The name itself tells all— blending different shades and colours, to reach greater diversity. Get lip pencils, eyeshadows, blushers, eyeliners, brow pencils, foundations, primers and concealers for your exact skin shade. 

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Ozohu Adoh grew up in Nigeria and attained her MBA at Oxford University. Long years of struggle with a dry, uneven skin condition led to a search for products that could treat her concerns. She eventually developed her own, going back to basics with organic ingredients from Africa— and Epara was born. Today, Epara's products come about through work with a lab based in the UK to develop formulas that address skincare issues faced by women of colour. Epara's formulas serve dry, ageing, normal/combination and hyperpigmentation-prone skin. 

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Freya + Bailey

Abbie Oguntade founded Freya + Bailey to build stronger, more resilient, more beautiful skin, using natural ingredients that work with the skin's unique chemistry. Abbie was struggling to manage cystic acne when her research led her to a clinical team that helped solve her problem. She then partnered with them to launch Freya + Bailey. The brand has been featured in Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, GQ, Elle, Black Beauty, Good Housekeeping and Sheer Luxe. The body care and skincare collection have sublime therapeutic aromas to bring a mindful break in a busy day.

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The Mango Girl 

Dr Ava Eagle Brown founded The Mango Girl in 2019 after she started making Body Butter to calm her down through stressful times. She's a multi-award-winning international speaker, author and transformation mindset business coach. Ava and her brand were named in The Belfast Telegraph 2021 "Ones to Watch." The Mango Girl has won the LUX LIFE magazine Best Handmade Hair & Skin Products in Northern Ireland 2020. Bursting with sunshine and summer vibes, the haircare and skincare products are handmade, organic and cruelty-free, crafted from trusted recipes first perfected by the founder, Dr Ava Eagle Brown's Jamaican grandma! Find gloriously whipped butters, serums, toners, moisturisers and clay face masks that smell amazing.

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Latticia Organics

Latticia Morapedi was affected by her skincare troubles and wanted to stop relying on products populated with synthetics. She created LATTICIA Organics after taking inspiration from her mother’s holistic lifestyle. Latticia adopted a wellness-first approach to help her achieve healthier skin. By consciously making changes to her diet and skincare regime, Latticia became fascinated with pure ingredients and their multi-use and multi-benefit properties. Experimenting at home, she soon became a self-taught formulator, creating the products she couldn’t find elsewhere to enhance and compliment her new style of living. LATTICIA Organics's body care collection is certified organic and formulated without parabens and synthetic colours, fragrances and preservatives.

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Minzaanî, pronounced MIN-ZAA-NEE, means "scale" in Luganda, relating to the concept of balance. With each season, the brand curates collections of easy-to-use products to address relevant skin concerns for the season, while avoiding overconsumption. Martina Hansah founded Minzaanî after reacting poorly to a mislabelled line of products for sensitive skin. When sharing her story, the founder learned that many people had similar experiences and an idea was born to create an eco-skincare brand that addresses the lack of accessible and relevant clean beauty products for eczema, psoriasis and sensitive skin. Minzaanî aims to make skincare manageable and understandable and is committed to clean, sustainable beauty. The products are highly effective, antioxidant-rich and non-comedogenic. They are cruelty-free, paraben-free and when possible, use organic and vegan ingredients.

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Nneka Fleming, founder of award-winning organic, natural and vegan Novel Skincare, created a collection designed to complement you and your story in a luxuriously playful and responsible way. The collections are structured around your lifestyle, to meet your needs based on your usual activities. Novel Skincare products arrive in signature fully recyclable material and do not contain any animal by-products or animal testing, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, artificial colours or chemicals. Made in England.

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The Afro Hair & Skin Co. 

Ibi Meier-Oruitemeka is a wellness beauty expert, creative entrepreneur and founder and creative director. She began researching and developing her powerful line of holistic products over a period of 5 years, aiming to eliminate the common toxins that she felt contributed to the undermining of black women's health and wellbeing while providing high functioning all-natural alternatives. Ibi was a finalist in the Black British Business Awards 2018— named as one of 3 top British entrepreneurs shaking up the Black British Beauty industry. She advocates for the use of locally sourced and grown ingredients and actively supports British artisans, makers and small scale producers by buying British ingredients to create products.

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Aanu Oduyemi created the London-based brand Vetivert&Co (pronounced Ve-Tee-VeR) after a career in architectural design. Having suffered from acne and the associated scarring, Aanu developed the brand to be free from synthetic fragrance, parabens, nut oils as well as vegan. The plant-powered skincare products are based on potent and undiluted ingredients, and all Vetivert&Co products are highly concentrated— using pure undiluted extracts and oil carefully formulated for maximum skin penetration and tranquillity of the mind. 

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Discover 11 UK Based Black-Owned Beauty Brands You Should Know About



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