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Discover Your Beauty Match

Take a selfie and answer Yuty’s questions to help her generate personalised beauty recommendations that work for you, based on your goals, needs, lifestyle, environment and preferences.
Say Goodbye to Trial and Error
The days of confusion, overwhelming product choices and wasted coins are over! Yuty is trained to recognise everyone irrespective of their race and gender, and scans product catalogues to find beauty products that will work for you, and only you, right down to the active ingredients in a formulation or the hard water in your tap.
Why Ask Yuty?
  • up-to-date personalised RECOMMENDATIONS

    Update your profile to receive the best beauty recommendations, as well as track your beauty journey.

  • Wherever, Whenever; Just Ask Yuty

    Change in your diet, going on vacation or find out you’re having a baby? Yuty will provide the best products for your beauty routine.

  • Make an Informed Buying Decision

    Yuty makes personalised recommendations based on you which is best for you—not someone else. Discover and shop beauty, made easy, with Yuty.

Why People Love Yuty

It’s authentic

As a result of being celiac and suffering with thyroid issues, I have really dry skin. I use lots of different face serums and creams, tailoring the products I use according to the weather. This was one of the reasons I found Yuty so authentic. It's great that product recommendations take into account everyone's personal environmental factors.

— CARMEN, 56

A starting point

I don't really know much about the beauty industry, or necessarily even have a regular routine that I stick to, however, in recent years, I have definitely become more conscious of my skin. I’m interested to see how the CBD and other plant-based actives in the All-In-One Wonder Balm by Ohana Skincare, as recommended by Yuty, would make a difference to my everyday lifestyle.

— ALEX, 41


The one deal-breaker for me when it comes to the beauty industry has to be its sustainability factor. It makes me so mad when I see brands using unnecessary materials to produce or ship their products, or using packaging that isn't recyclable or refillable. Yuty gets my vote for championing sustainability in beauty—I love to see it!

— SUKI, 30