Drive sales with AI powered personalization

Yuty® helps you stand out from the crowd by recognising your customers as individuals by offering a personalized experience based on their needs and preferences.

Did you know that 75% of shoppers would pay more for beauty products if they received a personalized experience! With Yuty®, you can now connect with your customers in a unique way with data backed personalized recommendations.

34% average sales conversion rate with Yuty®
$260.70 average customer LTV with Yuty®
$103.87 average order value with Yuty®

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Innovative Brands and Retailers grow with Yuty®

Today's consumers have more access to brands and products than ever before. This means that in order to drive sales and foster loyalty, brands must set themselves apart…and that means going beyond simply ensuring a consumer’s name appears at the start of an email! Yuty® offers brands the chance to use our proprietary technology for the mutual benefit of the brand and the customer, and the results are amazing. But don’t just take our word for it!

"Yuty® is incredible for personalised beauty recommendations! ColorBlend customers are able to take a short quiz to find their perfect foundation match! We've seen not only reduction in returns but waste is eliminated too! AI is definitely the future!"

Kesha Williams Founder and CEO of ColourBlend Makeup London

Kesha Williams

Founder & CEO

ColorBlend Makeup London

"By using Yuty®, we have been able to significantly reduce our customer drop-off rate and increase our returning customer rate by over 70%. With Yuty®, customers can shop with confidence, knowing that our products are tailored to their individual needs and will work for their skin."

Roshanne Dorsett, Founder & CEO The Glowcery

Roshanne Dorsett

Founder & CEO

The Glowcery

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The most inclusive AI personalization technology with proven performance and pain-free integration

58% of consumers said that diversity and inclusion are crucial when choosing beauty products, and it is evident that consumers are demanding more products that reflect them. Don’t worry! We’ve achieved multiple patents for our AI personalization technology which delivers inclusive and individual recommendations across all beauty categories enabling you to build connections with your customers to drive growth and loyalty. We want you to win in this increasingly competitive landscape, so we’ve made integration easy and customizable with Yuty®. We handle the technical integration, so you don’t have to!

Why Partner with Yuty®?

One-Stop shop for inclusive AI powered personalisation for all beauty categories
We provide data-backed product recommendations delivered through an engaging quiz to help all consumers irrespective of race, gender or ability to discover which product is right for them. This level of personalization enables you to connect with and retain your customers, by creating an individualized journey that identifies, markets and sells the right product to the right customer.

Drive Growth & Loyalty
The numbers speak for themselves 34% average sales conversion rate,increased customer LTV and average order values, our level of hyper-personalisation has witnessed brands experience an average of 194% increase in customer retention, creating a strong foundation for your business to achieve robust growth.

Deeper understanding of your customers with insights
By leveraging zero-party customer data, Yuty® delivers a personalised experience that not only helps you build customer trust through informed consent, but also overcome the limitations associated with traditional data collection methods. Our brand dashboard enables you to harness the rich and actionable insights that we provide to continuously design relevant and personalised experiences for each customer segment, securing brand loyalty in the long term.

Hassle-free and customizable Integration
At Yuty® we manage the technical integration with your store so it’s pain-free. Supply us with your logo, theming and more to ensure seamless look and feel with your brand.

Affordable, because we want you to win!
We spoke with our customers and created pricing that works for you where you are at, and even better we’re so confident that Yuty® will enable you to drive revenues, gain insights into your customers, reduce your customer acquisition costs,improve loyalty and provide a better experience for your customers that we provide a free trial, with your first 2 months for £1/mo. Boom!

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Increase Conversions and AOV

Brands have seen a 24% increase in conversions with personalised routine and product recommendations.

Drive Retention and CLTV

By educating and providing your customer with an elevated experience, brands have seen increased loyalty.

Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

Recognise your customers as individuals with advanced insights to reduce costs.